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Own an apartment free of charge over ten years

Investing In TURKEY

       Shortly after new government laws were introduced( which has enabled foreign investors to buy and sell properties / land in Turkey) the property market soon attracted the interest of European buyers. Besides, these new laws, Turkey’s progress on adaptation to   E.U. by improving living standards have been appreciated by foreign buyers. Turkey is expected to join the E.U in the near future which also attracts foreign investors. Turkey being the least spoiled European country, surrounded by crystal clear seas, long and sandy beaches, green and spectacular mountains, which source the many rivers, cutting the fertile lands of Anatolia, this has been some of  the most important reasons for foreign investors to move to this beautiful sunfilled country. Especially in the Mediterranean Region, with an average of 300 sunshine days a year, this has been the most popular place to live.

Some other details are given below ;

  • The country is strategically situated, close to Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and the European markets.
  • Agreements between Turkey and 39 other countries to promote and protect mutual investments as well as an agreement to preclude double taxation.
  • Since 1996 there has been a customs union with the European Union and since 1999 Turkey has been a candidate member of the European Union.
  • A very liberal investment climate, including free (international) movement of capital, profits, dividends and salaries, free-trade zones and subsidies.
  • No government price regulations.
  • A large labour force at relatively low costs.
  • Large home market with 72 million consumers.
  • A modern infrastructure.
  • A prominent European holiday destination.
  • The World Trade Organisation considers Turkey to be one of the most dynamic countries.


Buy a two bedroom apartment at no cost over ten years .

e.g.Invest £40,000 in a Turkish savings account instant access monthly return at 20% a.e.r. = £500.00 pm. after deductions at source. 

Take a £40,000.00  uk. loan for apartment over ten years repayment at 6.9% a.p.r. =£450.00 pm.

After ten years own your place in the sun with your original investment still in the bank , and an apartment potentially worth £120,000.00 or more.

If your intention is to retire then retain ownership of your property in uk. Rent at present being a minimum £400.00pm. rent out your property and live on the income.

      Abihomes can arrange all relevant finance and investment on your behalf


One off payment of £10,000 pays for 8 weeks per.group per. year over ten year period , holiday accommodation in 2 bed apartment with shared pool sleeps up to 4 persons (2weeks per. season , subject to co-owner approval weeks may be exchanged between  co-owners  ) equals inflation proof £125.00 per. week accomodation.10% ownership available subject to 10% shared maintenance cost’s. Additional monthly payment of £62.50 per.group , increase subject to variable cost (inflation increase annually) 

      Abihomes Has properties available for co-ownership

Investment Opportunities

      Abihomes team is also involved in new construction which offers investment options for either big companies or personal investment. We will always be pleased to have new partners and investors.
      At the present time we are investing in an area which offers untouched beaches and superb mountain views that will at least triple in value in the near future, as a new airport project by the Ministry of Transportation of Turkey is announced to be completed in 2005, which will be 45 minutes from the town.

      Please get in touch with us for any further information about land, hotels, villa complexes or any other projects or purchases that you would be interested in.


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